Database Commands

  • Version: 1.8.1
  • Official Verified

OpenBots command for connecting to and executing queries against a database. Supports OLE DB.

OpenBots.Commands.Database \ Create Database Transaction Command

Command: Create Database Transaction Command

This command creates a database transaction OBAppInstance from a database connection OBAppInstance.


Database Instance Name

Enter the unique instance that was specified in the **Define Database Connection** command.


Transaction Instance Name

Enter a unique name that will represent the application instance.


Private (Optional)

Optional field to mark the command as private (data sensitive) in order to avoid its logging.

Remote (Optional)

Optional field to mark the command as remote in order to execute it on a remote machine.

Error Handling

Optional field for how to handle errors encountered.


Comment (Optional)

Optional field to enter a custom comment which could potentially describe this command or the need for this command.